Thursday, December 10, 2009

good news catch up

Two bits of work-related good news came a couple of weeks back. I have just been to busy to share them here:

1. Another Year at the Rec Centre
For two years, I have been working at a temporary assignment, due to a job shuffle at work. The arrangement has been extended for another year, so I'll spend 2010 continuing to work in seniors' services at the rec centre. I am very pleased about this. I have spent two years learning a lot about a new job and growing to love it. It will be good to continue for another year. I love my regular job, and will be happy to return to it. I'm just glad to get a little longer at this one.

2. BC Seniors' Games
Last week we found out the Burnaby will host the 2012 BC Seniors' Games. I worked this summer on a small committee to prepare the bid. In the process I learned about riding stables, curling rinks and the logistics of putting on a banquet for 4,000 people. Cities from all around the province competed to get the games, and we won. So in August 2012, 4 thousand or more athletes, 55 years and older will converge on Burnaby to ride bikes, play badminton, compete at whist and perform 1 act plays. It feels great to know that our hard work paid off, and our city's amazing facilities and wonderful volunteer resources will be highlighted at this event.

question: what's your good news these days?

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