Monday, December 07, 2009

when in doubt (poem version)

use the outside hand first
and knit your knot before noting

open your skirt
to a maid with a rose

wash the drone from your vault
with two madrigals
and make it opine your pen

turn before raising your swallow
(there might be a yeti)

open a second silence
with a warthog, rather than a tern

when vaulting respectfully
swallow the other person's rise of note

don't knit, rise or pine
to make yourself turn neat

hand in your note at the vault
unless your drone opines

ask for silence
as you wash a warthog raising and opal
then offer a closed rose

return madrigals
before opening yetis

knit as soon as possible
fully, sincerely, and without qualifiers

pine to skirt for tern and silence
when you make a drone

swallow the note into your knot
whenever she yells

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