Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what to do when Elvis has the flu

Today we had the annual Christmas luncheon at the seniors' recreation centre where I work. Almost everything proceeded as planned: a catered turkey meal with all the fixings, a modest wine bar, hosted by a pioneer member, gorgeous fresh centrepieces crafted by the members of the garden club. The only thing that went off the rails was the entertainment, but we recovered in grand fashion.

For the past couple of years, the seniors have been entertained at the Christmas luncheon by Elvis. Local tribute artist Steve Elliot puts on a great show, and he's a super good guy to work with. I contacted Steve back in the spring, and asked him to set the date aside. In September I confirmed the booking. Everything was good. A week before the event, I emailed to request an invoice ahead of time, so we could pay him at the show. I didn't hear back. A couple of days later I phoned, left a message, and still didn't hear. I was beginning to sweat. Finally, on Saturday, a very ill Steve, phoned to apologize and tell me he had been sick for days, and just couldn't do the show. He felt terrible about canceling, but what can you do? You can't croon your tunes and gyrate your pelvis when you are down with the flu.

Luckily, Elvis's friend Patsy Cline was available. Patsy Bartholomew had performed for us a year ago, at our volunteer appreciation lunch, but we thought she was retired from doing shows. Steve suggested that I call her. I did, and she said yes. It developed, however, that Patsy's sound technician was not available. Patsy called back to tell me about the problem, and offered to still do the show, if I would do the sound. "I can show you," she said. Patsy is not only talented. She is charming, warm-hearted and encouraging. "Okay," I said.

So I operated Patsy's computer, playing tracks from her playlist, and Patsy sang, and the seniors loved it. Everyone was clapping and cheering and dancing. The show was wonderful, and the event was a success. The lunch (provided by 5 Star Catering) was delicious. The flowers were lovely (we raffled them off at the end of the afternoon) and most everyone had a nice glass of wine. A good time was had by all.

question: have you been to any holiday parties lately?

mompoet - grateful for goodness all around

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Pearl said...

sweet how that all worked out in the end. never give up too soon.

holiday party? nope. but might have to start thinking about that before long.