Saturday, December 26, 2009

sondheim search movie #1 - Gypsy

Last night when we got home from Christmas supper, we watched the 1962 movie version of Gypsy, starring Rosiland Russell and Natalie Wood. It was pretty good, although now I wish to see a recording of the stage version. 1960s movies had a certain something about them that makes you just want to peel off the cellophane wrapper and give everyone a poke!

Gypsy is the story of the ultimate stage mom and her two girls, trying to make it big in vaudeville. It's based on the memoir of Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous burlesque performer. The stage show was written for Ethel Merman, who played stage mother Rose.

Here's my favourite number from the movie. I suspect I will enjoy the Rose's Turn - the finale - more than this song if I get to see a live production or a recording of one. Rose's breakdown was lukewarm in the movie, and I imagine in the real thing it's more real and devastating. Anyway, it was a good start.

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