Friday, December 18, 2009

more than anything

I want to take your heavy pack
the one whose straps don't adjust
the way they used to
the one that's filled with rocks
I want to set it by the road
say to you come - walk with lightness
someone else will pick it up

more than life itself
I want to face your forest
push back branches
that claw your legs and face
stare brambles in the belly
shout a command
bid the tall dark dark
to part
admit light
that you may find your way again

better than my own true love
I want to stop the dogs
nipping at your heels
teach them manners
offer milk and bread
in exchange for blood
convince them to be your companions
convince you too

I want to move
whatever needs moving
bring you back to you
I want to be the bestower
of peace and wellness
more than anything
I want this
to give to you

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