Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I want to trust Barack Obama

I want to think that he really meant what he said in his speech last night about sending 30 thousand troops to Afghanistan to help build up security in that country, before phasing out American presence in 2011. I want to know that he is not in the pocket of powermongers and arms manufacturers. I want to know that he is well-advised, making a good gamble. I realise I do not know much about these things, and now I wish I knew more, and that what I knew would reassure me.

I also want to know that it will work, that life in Afghanistan will be safer in the long run, that the people will live in freedom, that a beautiful civilization will be rescued and restored. I want to know that the soldiers will come home, mostly alive, and that those who die will have done so for a worthy purpose. Wanting these things is a different matter altogether. Nobody can say for sure what the outcome will be. For now, I would just settle for trusting Barack Obama.

question: what do you think? how do you feel?

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Anonymous said...

Like you Susan ... I want to trust him too. Obama gave us all such a sense of hope. I still trust him ... I hope I'm right.

Easthill Lady