Saturday, March 01, 2008

The wonders of Thursday

I feel like I lived a lifetime in one day on Thursday. It was a long day, but also with so many different lives and worlds pieced together into one day, it was a real wonder.

I rose at 4:30am and got to the church by 5:30. It was my turn to cook at the temporary shelter that we are hosting, and I had a request from one of our guests for French toast. Tim made sure we had bread and eggs. I brought the icing sugar for sprinkling, some strawberries and some whipped cream. I used 3 long loaves of bread, 36 eggs and half a carton of milk, and kept 2 frying pans going for about an hour. We had a great team working in the kitchen and breakfast area, especially Frank, who loaded on the berries and cream in extravagant quantities. Everyone came back for seconds. I was the last to sit down to a warm plate of breakfast. It was better than any French toast I've ever tasted.

After that I stopped by Alex's school, where one of his teachers interviewed me for her Master's project before school began. She's doing a project on caring in the classroom, and how it affects students ability to take risks and exercise their creativity in a secure and nurturing environment. It was an interesting discussion. We also chatted about graduation and scholarships. I was reminded again how grateful I am for this wonderful school and the people who are there, and how proud I am of Alex's accomplishments.

So then I realised that I smelled like French toast, and it was still only about 8:45 in the morning, so I popped back home, grabbed a shower, and changed into work clothes, but I didn't go to work right away.

It was massage day! Our work arranges practicum visits for student massage therapists. We pay a small fee for a one-hour massage session. I was booked for 10am. It was wonderful as usual. The therapist worked on my perpetually-tight trapezius and shoulders, helping me to relax the muscles and sharing some tips for improving my work station ergonomics to reduce strain. She also worked on my tendonitis in my elbow, that had flared up after a marathon of computer cell-clicking during budget prep. It hurt, and it's still tender two days later, but the ouch of the tendonitis has disappeared. Lying on the massage table was relaxing. I stayed awake, but enjoyed the rest.

I stopped by Costco after that, to pick up some photos and stock up on dried fruit and nuts (really!). We were suddenly out of dried cranberries and almonds and also granola bars for work and school lunches. It was a quick stop. I won't say "fruitful" because that would be a very bad pun (get the picture?).

After that I met my friend Chris for lunch. We work together normally, but we've been separated from daily interaction by my new job that I'm doing for a year. We had lots of catching up to do about work and family life. Chris missed the "silly lunch" the week before, but it was very nice just to have some one-on-one time. Because I wasn't due at the office until 1, we had a nice, leisurely 90 minute lunch.

Then it was work time! As usual, life at the rec centre is a whirl of activity. There's administrative, planning and supervisory work to do, but also the day to day things that come up with our members, who are 55 to 94 years old and participate in all kinds of activities from card games to t'ai chi and badminton. Work time raced past, but I managed to grab a break and go for a walk in the sunshine. I took the trail that runs along the creek, and listened to bird singing and the water rushing. Things are starting to green up, and everyone was out in light sweaters and exercise clothing. It felt like spring. I took my Nordic walking poles with me, so the 40 minute walk was a good strong workout too. I've decided to keep my poles at the office. There's great walking in the neighbourhood and it's a perfect way to refresh during a busy day. I was closing my eyes at my desk before my break, but rejuvenated after. Better than 3 cups of coffee.

In the evening we don't have any seniors programs. I was site supervisor until 8 but it was quiet, so I visited with the staff and bumped into some people I know from the neighbourhood at the centre for evening activities. I tidied a few nagging tasks at my desk and slipped away right at 8.

I had one errand to run before I could go home - picking up a couple of needed items for the family at the mall across the street from the community centre. I was in and out of the store quickly, which is good. I was tired.

At home I had a bite of late supper and a glass of red wine. I caught up with Andy, Alex and Fi and found out what they did all day. When my head hit the pillow at 10 I must have disappeared into sleep within seconds.

It was a long day, full of a bit of everything, all happy though, and I made it.

question: have you had a long day recently?

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