Monday, March 10, 2008


Peter Pan was this weekend. I saw 3 of the six performances. Fiona played Wendy in some shows, and an Indian in the rest. I think it was the best show she's been in so far. Andy worked backstage, so I barely saw both of them for the whole week, during the theatre rehearsals and preparations. This weekend I sat in the dark and enjoyed it all.

The flying was absolutely amazing. I thought I would be frightened to see Fi and the other actors swoop up in to the air, but I just felt delighted. My heart raced, and I laughed out loud. Somehow, in just a few days of flying lessons, they learned how to be launched to the rafters on a wire and make it look real. I know I will probably never again see my daughter fly out of the bedroom window and into the night sky, or swoop through the treeptops with an arrow in her heart, and drift to the forest floor (not dead, just fast asleep).

My mind boggles at how 30 young actors can pull together (in about 6 months) something so completely wonderful. They sang and danced beautifully, supported one another like seasoned pros, and conveyed perfectly the comedy, adventure and love that are at the heart of this story. Fiona shone. We are so proud of her.

I cried less than I thought I would. It's sad for everyone when the show ends, but there will always be another and another and another. This one was a treat, a plum, a trip to Neverland, a job well-done.

question: do you believe in fairies?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I've never had a child fly!
Good for "Wendy", I'm sure she had lots of fun with this production. I'm sorry I am so busy with my own kids as I would have enjoyed the show.