Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick Flicks

Alex was invited to join his friend Joel's Quick Flicks 48 Hour Movie Challenge team. The weekend before last he worked as a grip on a film that they made for a contest. Last night was the screening and awards, and his team won the student prize.

Each team received an "inspiration package" of things that needed to be included in the movie. The team that Alex was on had to work with:

Object: paper cups
Character: head hunter/scout/recruiter
Location: elevator
Phrase: the creatives are being screwed

Here's the synopsis as published in the program guide: "On the brink of insanity, David Michaels embarks on an enthralling visceral journey in his struggle to write the elusive last note to his masterpiece." The title: Two a Penny.

What a thrill for them to win. I enjoyed seeing their film, along with all the others. Theirs made me laugh (as did many). One made me cry. The first prize winner was disorientingly weird. There was even a musical. It was good fun, and good to see a project in which Alex participated.

question: did you ever do something big in very little time?

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Lazy Daisy said...

Good for Alex! Sounds like you have some really creative kids! Must take after their talented mom!

Lynn Valley Girl said...

Great job to Alex! What an excellent feeling of accomplishment! Work like that would take a team working closely in agreement together.