Sunday, March 16, 2008

theatre of the couch

After a couple of crazy-busy weeks, we sloped into the weekend with ebbing ambition and a keen desire to be still and quiet. The kids are on spring break for the next week and a half. We're anticipating a visit over Easter Weekend from the Cranbrook clan. This weekend was about doing less, more slowly.

We rented two movies, both on the same theme it turned out, but with very different approaches. Martian Child is one that Andy worked on. There was a big lag from the time the project was completed until its theatrical release. Then its stay in the theatres was very short, so I has low expectations when we rented the DVD. I do love John and Joan Cusack, but the DVD cover image and back of the box synopsis made it sound like a cutesy version of My Favourite Martian. It turned out to be a lovely, warm-hearted story about a sad man, a bossy but loving sister, and a strange child. It's based on real experiences, and it felt pretty real to me. The story's main message is pounded in with a purple velvet hammer in the final act, but the rest of it was good enough that I forgave that. Fiona and Andy both liked it too.

Rocket Science was one I meant to see but missed. It's hard for me to see all of the movies that I want to see, but I'm going to try to see more. Luckily they all come out on DVD so there's a second chance. This one is about a boy with a speech impediment who is recruited to the high school debate team by the girl who is the star of the team. It's a notch and half to the grim side of Napoleon Dynamite, but with similarly real and quirky characterizations and relationships, and some really stellar moments of teen-age reality reflection. I liked that is was not a Hollywood portrayal of impossible love overcoming improbable odds. Fiona liked it but said it made her feel sad. Andy did not like it.

Then it was 11:30 and we all slept like rocks. It was the right choice for a tired ending to busy week. Sometimes my favourite theatre is our couch.

question: what have you rented lately?

mompoet - pajamas, slippers and popcorn, plus a glass of wine

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