Monday, March 31, 2008

school again

The last time I took a college-level course was in 1984. Just to give you an idea, I prepared every university assignment I have ever done on a typewriter. A lot has changed.

Now I'm heading into a Supervisory Skills course tomorrow. It's part of the leadership course I am taking at work. In a lot of ways, it's a cushier ride than when I was in university. The course is paid for, the books are paid for, I get paid to attend. There's a free lunch. I still have to do the reading and homework and show up and participate, and I get credit for a BCIT business course. By the way, I have never taken a business course at university or college.

I have heard from last year's participants that this part of the program has a heavy workload. We have 3 chapters to read from the text before tomorrow morning (I have read two). It's pretty straightforward, and mostly material I have encountered before, in the course of my work and in seminars and workshops that I have attended through work over the years. There will be written assignments and a final exam, but that can't be too much different from written reports and a big day at work when I need to have my ducks all in a row.

I'm excited, and hope that it will be informative and challenging. This is the year to stretch my brain, expand my horizons and refocus my compassion and engagement with the world. I hope that Supervisory Skills will be an interesting part of it.

Now to Chapter 11.

question: what's the last course you took?

mompoet - student again

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Lazy Daisy said...

Good on you. You go girl. Sounds like an interesting course. "You sound smarter already."