Tuesday, March 04, 2008

my new wheels

First of all, Dad informed me that my car weighs approximately 2,500 lbs (and he hasn't even looked inside my trunk). So my earlier estimate of how much metal and rubber I was hauling around was significantly short of reality.

The 2.5 kilobrick sat in the driveway today, while I took public transit to work. It was my first day to use my new employer pass. It's a one-year bus pass that will pretty much let me go anywhere, anytime, seven days a week. Getting to the office is a breeze - one community shuttle with a cheerful driver who plays the radio and greets passengers with a friendly hello, then bids each one, "Have a great day!" as they disembark. It's almost surreal it's so nice. Today I had to ride all the way to City Hall. I figured out a 40 minute route, using two buses. Not bad, because it would take me 30 in my car at that time of day. Trouble is, the bus broke down. The on-board computer just quit and the whole big machine when GGGGggggrrrrnnnnnmmp. Then nothing. Luckily another bus came by in the opposite direction, so I jumped on that and found another route in. I just made it to my training session on time. After work, the ride home was sunny and uneventful, with perfect connections, and even a happy driver on the big bus. My pass is a funny flexible little card that gets scooped into the ticket-reader and spit back out, just like a disposable faresaver, only I keep it to use all year.

In the meantime, Alex took my car to school, but he's only allowed to do that once per week. School is a 15 minute walk from home, so on-foot is his main method of transportation.

Busing will definitely be good in the warm weather months. It has already saved me on a couple of snowy days when I preferred not to drive. I'll see how I do in the windy-rainy fall months. I think with proper rainwear I should be okay. If I can leave the big blue metal thing in the driveway most of the time, it will last longer before I need to buy a new one, and the environment will benefit. Besides, I want to test my theory about how many sincerely friendly bus drivers are out there. I hope my first not-happy one is dramatic and entertaining.

In the meantime, I have to pack my bag and get to bed. There's a bus to catch tomorrow morning.

question: what transit is your transit?

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