Monday, March 17, 2008

some limericks for ye'

My friend Irene has been involved with the Vancouver Celtic Fest for the past few years as the Queen of Limericks. This year she wrote a tribute limerick for the festival's 5-year celebration:

Five years of superb celebration!

Five years of our awesome creation!

Research it and then ya

will know five millenia

of Celtics is huge inspiration!

I asked her to send me a couple more limericks to post today, in honour of St. Patrick's Day. I told her it would be okay if they are a bit naughty. Here we are:

What Now?

These orders from people I dread:

“Come here! Hurry up! Go ahead!”

Next time when I’m humming,

and screaming, “I’m coming!”

I certainly hope it’s in bed!

More to Love

I worried what Isador thought o’ me.

I’ll diet, I said, There’s a lot o’ me.

Said he, Oh no, Minny,

Start eating! You’re skinny!

I love when you’re bosomy and bottomy!

Full Tilt
A couple, in lust, if you will,
had sex on the side of a hill.
cried she, Oh you devil!
Though You're not on the level,
Your slant on it gave me a thrill!

All I Need

Small pleasures to give me a smile

And friends who will go the last mile,

And heavens above!

I do need some love

Without batteries once in a while!

Question: are you any Irish?

mompoet - Happy St. Paddy's to you

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