Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last night we attended a public hearing at City Hall regarding our church's application for rezoning to allow us to operate a temporary homeless shelter for one month each winter. Here's a link to the local paper, with a story about it.

The meeting went pretty well. About 20 people spoke. All were in favour of a shelter. Just a few were not in favour of having it at our church. It's understandable how people who live or have businesses just a few doors away may be concerned. We will do our best to show them that they had no need to worry.

The last speaker was against the shelter, warning that if we allow homeless people to come stay, it will become a "growth industry." Well, I guess I hope he's right. These people are here among us, and could be any one of us but for a twist of bad fortune. If recognizing and taking action to care for people who need help becomes a growth industry in Port Moody, that will be a good thing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be known as the city where neighbours don't ignore their neighbours, where you will be helped when you need it, where you are.

Final reading will take place Feb 12. We are hoping to commence our turn operating as a shelter just a few days later.

question: what's a growth industry where you live?

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Lazy Daisy said...

I hope it passes...people do need a safe place to go when they have no place else to go. Keep us posted.