Monday, January 28, 2008

just an average family conversation at our house

Mom (me): Oh my goodness! Did you see that ad for the new MacBook Air? It fits in an inter-office envelope!

Fi: It's really thin!

Mom: It sure is!

Fi: I'd be scared it would crack or something.

Mom: It wouldn't crack.

Dad: Someone would sit on it.

Mom: Nobody would sit on it.

Fi: You're the one that sat on the cat, Mom.

Dad: Yeah, you're the one who sat on the cat.

Fi: If anyone sat on a MacBook Air it would be you.

Dad: Yeah, it would be you.

Fi: You'd sit on it and it would crack.

Mom: Thanks a lot. Thank you for that.

Fi: I love you Mom.

Mom: I know.

Fi and Dad: (laughing their heads off)

Mom: Yeah, thanks, I love you guys too.

question: so what's so bad about accidentally sitting on a cat? That does not mean I will sit on a computer!

mompoet - careful where I sit these days

ps - the (so called) family says I should sign off: "Mac in my crack" hmmm


Pearl said...

I bet they make them at least as sturdy as cats. Might I mention, cats move under people's bottoms. Mac books do not do this.

mompoet said...

The cat surely did move (and the family did laugh). Thanks for the reassurance, Pearl.