Sunday, January 20, 2008

sewing saturday

It's time to get the costumes ready for Peter Pan. I spend last Saturday cutting out fabric and this Saturday sewing. Wendy's dress is all white satin and lace with a chiffon overlay to the skirt - beautiful and heavy and slippery. Here's a peek.

I have two of these to sew (one for Fi and one for the the girl who plays Wendy for alternating performances). There's also an American First Nations costume for the girls to share for their chorus days.

sew sew sew

question: do you sew?

mompoet - stitch stitch stitch


Lazy Daisy said...

I do sew and I'm sure it will be beautiful. At least she didn't come home and say, "I need this by tomorrow!"

Stop by and see my new furniture!

Carol said...

How do you do it, mp?

Keep that energy going and going a...

tell me...