Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nelson in love

Our friends Robin, Ralph and Emma brought their new friend Petunia to our house the other night. Nelson says it was love at first sight.

We are sure of this because Nelson told us so. Up until now we have communicated with Nelson only by observing his actions, engaging in mental telepathy, and through occasional (albeit lengthy) letters with accompanying photographs. The night that Nelson met Petunia he uttered his first real sound, a faint and breathy squeal. This occurred when Emma showed us that Petunia has a squeaker in her tummy. "Oh, but Nelson does not!" we insisted. Upon Emma's urging, we tried, and discovered that Nelson has a voice. Of course, it is not a squeaker in his tummy. It is a song of love.

question: what sound do you make when your tummy is squeezed?

mompoet - not squeezing too hard

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Carol said...

I giggle...