Thursday, January 10, 2008

goodbye is never easy

Today was my second-to-last day at my office before going to work at another office for a year. I was at the other office all morning, in meetings, so when I showed up at 1:30, and there was substantial scurrying going on. I didn't think much of it. "It's Thursday. It must be scurrying time, " I thought. But then they came - all into my office, wearing Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island masks, singing a song they made up about me going on a one-year tour and how they'd miss me, and how I'll come back. And they gave me flowers and a card and they had my candy dish with them (that I had not even noticed that they stole since it was already packed in a box) and they had emptied out the yukky candies that nobody was eating that someone donated after they ate all of my caramels one night, and they had refilled the candy dish with lovely Mackintosh's Toffees and twisted pipecleaners for garnish and I thought,

I love these people.

Goodbye is never easy. We're still on the same team, but I won't see them every day. I won't have so many opportunities to line dance in the hallway outside the bathroom and push the button on the precious platitude angel in the back room and whoop whenever I want to and know that they will sit at their desks and smile and say, "That's just Sue whooping again. Maybe she'll come loiter around my doorway and tell me what's so funny."

Anyway, I will miss them.

Tomorrow is the last day. I'm bringing every one of them candy jars. I will sing and whoop. I hope I don't cry.

question: why is it so hard?

mompoet - just au revoir, okay?


Pearl said...

What a great crew to have worked with!

Anonymous said...

I think I am the queen of good bye's. They never seem to get any easier. I hope your new office appreciates the fun spirit they are gaining!


Muhd Imran said...

Goodbye is never my favourite. I hate saying goodbye to Sundays to start work and have Monday blues.

You on the other hand, have had a wonderful group to work with and obviously a great place to work in, which is even harder unfortunately.

Cry if you have to, it is an honest reaction of how you feel about them and the workplace you're leaving.

You're must definitely been great to have around and even great to leave those 12 jars of candy to remember you by until you're back next year.

Have a wonderful goodbye and a great beginning at the new office... more wonderful friends to meet.