Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in posts

My friend Jill posted the first line of the first entry from each month from her livejournal postings for 2007. It was so cool, I decided to try it too. Here goes. By the way, instead of dividing it up by month, I'm putting it together as a paragraph, one sentence per month, January-December 2007. Here's my year in posts:

This morning I can not talk. Wednesday was a whirlwind day, with unexpected twists and a good ending. When the sun is shining and it rains at the same time, we call it a "monkey's wedding." We put six coats of red paint on the basement walls. A memory just came to me today, while I was at Shopper's Drug Mart. Mike McGee has a video posted at Fame Cast. Andy and I went down to Golden Spike Days Saturday night with our friends, Michele and Brent.

zamboni awakes

It's been happening so quickly I have to use bullets and I'm probably not remembering all of it. I dreamed last night that I was a lifeguard at a city swimming pool. That's Shane Koyczan, Mike McGee and Anis Mojgani - three of my all time favourite poets. We are all shuffling our feet getting ready to jump out of work and into the holidays.

question: what did your year look like, one line per month?

mompoet - that line in the middle is from a haiku

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Jill said...

That is fantastic! I love that you made them into a poem of sorts.