Sunday, July 22, 2007

wet weekends are fun part 3 - sunday

It was still raining when I awoke on Sunday. I had already decided to stay home from church, mostly because I'd sprung out of bed with somewhere I had to go already on my Friday off and on Saturday. I do miss church when I don't go, and I'll be back there next Sunday, but sometimes, pajamas trump all.

The house was quiet and still, but the bread machine was announcing a fresh loaf at 9:30, so that's when I got up. I had sneaked out an hour or so earlier to let the dog out for a moment, and feed both her and the cat, so both creatures were contented and drowsy. I was delighted to read my sister Barb's post on her blog, and to know that her family is reading the same book that Alex and I are reading. We'll both be done by the time we see them next weekend, so we can compare impressions and speculate on sequels and movie interpretations.

Andy spent most of the day assembling billy bookcases from IKEA. We got black ones with silver doors and a matching CD/DVD rack to help complete our basement reno. They turned out really nice.

Fi came home around noon, soon after her birthday cake came out of the oven. It was my turn to bake a chocolate cake. I don't think it turned out as well as when she bakes it, but it was good. Mostly it was a quiet day. I read some Potter with Alex, did a bit of cleanup, then took Fi out costume shopping for an hour or so before supper. Supper was a family birthday celebration at Andy's Mom's place. Fiona invited her Grandma and Grandpa (my parents), the Juergensen's (Auntie B, Uncle Ralph and Frousin Emma), and Cousins Adam and Steven. We had a nice feast with 3 pies and a cake for dessert, then came home full up. I enjoy stretch birthdays. In our family we seem to have ongoing celebrations for about 3 weeks surrounding the actual day. It's a kind of festival in itself.

Now I will do some ironing and altering to make our Value Village costume finds ready for Fi to take to rehearsal Monday morning. It's the last week of the month-long musical theatre intensive program, with performances happening Wednesday and Thursday. After my costuming work is done, there's time for a couple more chapters of Harry Potter, which is shaping up to be full of danger and intrigue, but that's all I'll say for now.

Tomorrow I'll return to work. It's supposed to rain one more day, then the sun will return. I'll look forward to a sunny weekend coming up, but I'm kind of glad that this one was rainy and fun the way it was.

question: how was your weekend?

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