Sunday, July 22, 2007

the eatburns are in England

Just 7 days until Barb, Kim, Maya, Lukas and Simon are with us! We can hardly wait. Now that they are in the land of speedy reliable internet, Barb is posting her own blog again (I did it mostly while they were in Eritrea, from emails she sent to me or to Mom and Dad). You can find out about their transition adventures here.

When we see them we will be sure to:

  • eat at Capitol Hill Szeuchuan Restaurant (they have been missing it. we have been thinking of them everytime we go there - particularly my nephew Simon - we think of him!)
  • celebrate the birthday of the twin cousins - Fiona and Lukas both turn 14 on Wednesday, so the party will be a little late, but that's okay
  • celebrate Barb's birthday (August 4)
  • play balderdash with a dictionary and scraps of paper
  • hang out and breathe in and hug and cry and get used to each other all over again
We will be very very very happy to have them home.

question: why do we miss someone especially much when they are almost here?

mompoet - aching with missing

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