Tuesday, July 31, 2007

they're here!

Barb, Kim, Maya, Lukas and Simon are home. We picked them up at the airport Sunday night. They're staying at my parents' place, and we're spending as much time together as we can. It's funny. In some ways it's like we were never apart. But there's so much to absorb and so many things to talk about and catch up on. We've had 3 big family suppers, including a gorgeous Eritrean chicken and egg chili meal prepared by Maya, who developed awesome cooking skills in Africa. Tomorrow we'll celebrate the twin cousins' birthday (our Fi and their Lukas were born on the same day). They'll stay through the weekend, which is wonderful. We are all so happy that they are here, safe and sound, still the same people we love, only with heads and hearts full of new experiences and two years of growing up.

That's all for now. I'm bagged - working all day then visiting all evening. I have Friday off and it's a long weekend. Hooray!

question: did you ever eat goat meat?

mompoet - I will try it if Maya cooks it

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