Thursday, July 12, 2007

Twisted Poets is moving (and won't be on next week)

My feature performance at Twisted Poets has been postponed. I'll keep you posted when there's a new date. Pandora's Collective is organizing a new venue for this reading series. This month they're "between venues."

question: did you know that there's someplace to listen and read pretty much every night of the week in Vancouver?

mompoet - lucky


Carol said...

Hey, I can always find a place to listen or read pretty well every evening, too!

mompoet said...

That's good Carol! Two of the best things in the world, I think. BTW I think I'm rescheduled to September 17, just so long as there's no Parent Advisory Council or meet the teacher night that day. 07/08 will be our year of 2 kids at 2 different high schools. How did we do that?