Thursday, July 05, 2007

bits and splieces

What a week this has been. Camp opened with large masses of mosquitoes and happy children and great leaders. Now first week has come to a close and the summer has begun. I am grateful for the weekend. Here are a few bits of what's been happening and/or about to happen:

  • I won an MP3 player at the PCT Tour that Andy and I took on Saturday. A lady from the company called me yesterday and I picked it up today. I have never owned an MP3 player but I'm going to try it out and find out if I like it. If not, I can give it to someone.
  • Fi's summer theatre group will sing O Canada and be in the halftime show at the BC Lion's season opener Friday night, so I'm going to my first football game ever.
  • Just a little over 3 weeks until Barb and Kim and the kids come home. I can hardly wait!
  • Aunt Lucy may visit in a couple of weeks. She lives in Nairobi and is visiting her sister in the States. Last time she visited was about 6 or 7 years ago.
  • I have the day off work Friday! I can't wait to get back to the gym, which I miss bigtime. I have a great big energy blurt that needs out, bad!
  • After the gym I will go eat pasta with my friends from work, only I don't have to return to the office after.
  • I gave blood this afternoon. It was a very hot afternoon, so it took about 5 minutes from start to finish. I was a little wary leaving - will it start up again? But I have managed to contain myself (bad pun). When I got home I had a glass of wine with the ladies in the 'hood. Wine works amazingly well when you are down a unit. Two hours later and I'm still just fine.
  • I think that's all. For now.
  • Oh, one more thing. I got another spider bite. Am I delicious to arachnids? I don't know. It's not like I sleep in woodpiles or go dance in webs or anything. It looked like a little Mexican hat with a white crown and a purple brim and there were fang marks. Today an entomologist came to camp to teach the kids about bugs. I showed her the bite and she confirmed it. Nice to have an expert to verify your parasite encounters. A perk of the job, I guess. It's flattened out now and is yellow/green in the middle with a purple donut around it, and lovely fang marks. I still like spiders. They are cool.
  • I just checked. It was definitely an entomologist and not an etymologist. An etymologist would be good for checking any word-rash or the like.
  • One more thing. The bite is on my left arm, just below the elbow. I did not see it happen. I am not that weird. Not quite.
question: what's up for you this weekend?

mompoet - waiting for a blurt, then all will be truly well

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Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, you managed to pack a lot of living in a small space of time. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Gotcha all prayed up kiddo!