Tuesday, July 10, 2007

shiny green milestone

Alex took his road test Monday. After a year of practice driving and some excellent lessons, he may now drive my car by himself. As soon as I got home, he took his first solo drive, which felt "weird" and made him feel "nervous." He'll get used to it.

After 2 years of safe driving with the "N" he'll retest for a full license.

Congratulations Alex!

question: can you remember your first solo drive?

mompoet - admiring


Lazy Daisy said...

Whoo Hoo Alex....bet your prayer life will increase now. Mine did once my kids got their license. Come by and check out the pictures of my wild blogging buddy.

Carol said...

Congrats Alex!
(If you were my son, I would be the one feeling weird and nervous)

My first solo drive was in my own new car! It was scarey, but I survived.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

I am so proud of Alex - what an accomplishment!!!!!Please congratulate him for me!