Wednesday, July 04, 2007

good fun for simsonphiles

I took Alex out to the Kwik E Mart in Coquitlam this evening. There were about 100 people lined up waiting to get inside the packed store, and more kept arriving. It's a publicity stunt for The Simpsons' Movie, and a very clever one I think.

Alex bought a Squishy, a Homer silly straw and 2 packages of Kwik E Mart donuts. They were all out of Buzz Cola.

The most fun was the people. Mostly young men ages 15-35, but also quite a few families. People were taking photographs with their cell phones all over the place. My cell phone just makes phone calls, so words is all I got to show you. (or you could check out Lynn Valley Girl's blog for some great photos). In the lineup, people were giddy with the silliness of the whole thing. Inside, there was a lot of laughing and pointing (there were life size Simpson character figures in there) and lurching and grabbing as cases of Kwik E Mart junk food were wheeled in and opened.

It looked like a bit of Disneyland spit out onto a Coquitlam side street.

question: what's your favourite flavour of Squishy?

mompoet - thank you, come again!


Carol said...

Interesting that you both have a son named Alex and you both have blogs but I am a little dozy tonight so I might be seeing double...

Lynn Valley Girl said...

The line-ups to get into the Kwik-E-Mart are quite long now unless you go first thing in the morning.
Lots of fun - it's great being famous just for living close to the store!

Imran said...

My family is actually waiting to watch the movie once we have watched Transformers.

From Lynn's blog, the Squishy is like Slurpee here from Seven-Eleven stores.

I love grape flavor... and the brain-freeze too.