Saturday, July 28, 2007

mighty tasty

I just got home from Taste of the City. It was yummy. I tried samples from a bunch of different restaurants: salmon gravlax and salad and a pecan brownie and also some lavender/raspberry Earl Grey iced tea from O'Doull's, medium spicy chicken from Nando's, goat cheese tortellini and also a yummy cheese dessert from Fig Mint restaurant, bouillabaisse from Cassis Bistro, an ahi tuna taco from Joey's Restaurant. Alex helped taste all of this and he also had some pulled pork on a bun from some place I can't remember, and something called "baby burgers" (3 tiny burgers) and also some sorbet. It was a yummy experience. Then, we were at the PNE already, so we took a couple of rides on the wooden coaster and rode the new big ferris wheel at Playland. That was fun.

Less than 24 hours as I post this, until the Eatburns return to Canada. YAAAAAYYY!

question: do you like tasting?

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