Wednesday, July 25, 2007

another dream

I am traveling along a highway in my car (little Civic). Behind me is my friend Jay Shaw (used to live across the street from us). Jay is driving a big "rig," one of those trucks you ship cargo cross-country in. We begin to encounter bumpy spots on the road, then things that are like stairs in the highway. We can't drive up them so we have to get out and lift our vehicles. The Honda is easy for me to pick up and set on the next level then get in and drive a bit more. Jay needs some help with the rig. It's heavy and awkward.

We keep going along on this fashion, rapidly ascending to a high altitude about the city. We do no question our wisdom or purpose in hauling our vehicles up this challenging road. We just keep going up.

We come across a dark hole in the side of the mountain, an abandoned mine. Outside the opening to the tunnel and blocking the road are three or four rusty old metal ore cars. Jay shoves them off the side of the road. They tumble down the mountainside and towards the road below. We watch in horror as they crash all over the traffic on the road far below. Cars are smashing and burning. That's the whole dream.

dreamed Monday night

question: what do we say to ourselves when we dream?

mompoet - paying attention

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