Sunday, June 11, 2006

So much good, not much time

No posts for a few days, but lots of life...

On Thursday I booked off work to help with the staff appreciation luncheon at the secondary school. The PAC ladies served lunch to about 100 teachers, office staff, janitors, even the cafeteria ladies. Our lovely vice-principal volunteered to flip burgers. He even allowed himself to be photographed wearing a hairnet. Good man! The staff loved it and we had fun. Last year there was not enough salad so this year I brought lots extra. This year there was an abundance of salad so I brought mine home we are eating lots of salad. My favourite right now: mixed greens, chopped onions, broccoli, cucumber, green onion, lots of cilantro, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, figs with home-made peppery vinaigrette. I copied it from a restaurant salad I ate. I have to get some chick-peas, though. That's what it's missing.

Thursday night we went to the Awards Night at the secondary. Sat with our neighbours, a half-dozen families whose kids have been in school together since kindergarten and everyone got awards. Alex got Excellence in Work Habits and Outstanding Student - Social Studies 10. Boy are we proud. Especially me, the history major. Alex loves politics and history, so this is great recognition for him.

Friday I helped get ready for the church garage sale, then came late to work (did I mention I love my job?) and Friday night I stood in for Kirsi's husband at a pub night fundraiser for a walking team in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Kirsi's son has strep throat, so her husband stayed home, and I got to be stand-in husband for the evening. It's nice being married to Kirsi for a little while, but we decided to split up about 9:30 and I went back to my regular family.

Saturday I went to work for a couple of hours, to Saturday Story Time at Lougheed Mall. We have a Vancouver Sun Newspaper Raise a Reader grant in partnership with the local school, the mall, the public library and the neighbourhood association, for a literacy project. So we hired a coordinator and a storyteller to do a monthly story-time for kids at the mall. It's good fun, and they have to go to the library to put their names in a draw for books to be awarded next month.

Then I power-shopped and actually bought myself some clothes, without having to be in a store for more than 25 minutes, which is best for me.

Saturday afternoon Andy helped me find some more clothes, this time for my sister and her family who will live for a second year in Eritrea. They are outgrowing/wearing out some of their things. Mom and I found most of what they needed earlier in the week, but I was determined to find a couple more shirts for my 15 year old niece, Maya. It's tricky finding fashionable and cool things for a girl living in a country where you can't bare your arm above the elbow, but I found two more tunic-tops that should be acceptable. My brother-in-law's cousin will travel to Eritrea in July. She'll take the clothing with her. Mom and Dad will visit in January. Wish I could go!

Took shaggy boy for a haircut on Saturday afternoon. He is now re-handsomed for a few weeks anyhow. He's starting to shave more often, so he looks pretty nice most of the time. No real beard yet, but lots of blonde scruff when he forgets to shave.

Saturday evening was heaven. Quiet family supper which I actually had time to cook from start to finish. Then the kids disappeared to ends of the house and Andy and I had some wine and a video (well, two really). We watched The Constant Gardener, which was clever and compelling, and Millions which was tremendously sweet and inventive.

Then we slept. I skipped church (which I rarely do) and slept until 10. Then we had a big, slow breakfast and I read the paper and wrote a poem for my godson Sam, who is celebrating his graduation this weekend.

This afternoon I took Fiona to an audition for a fall 06 production of Fiddler on the Roof. I hope she gets in. Tonight, we'll go to Sam's family graduation party.

It's been full of fun with nice rest stops in between. I like this weekend, I do. I do.

question: what did you do?

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