Thursday, June 01, 2006


*please note, this post has been corrected. I got one of the categories wrong when I posted originally.
Fiona won a scholarship in the Kiwanis Music Festival for Junior Ensemble singing. She shares it with her singing partner. She also won a medallion for best performance of a song from a movie, out of about 25 children her age. The presentations will be made at the honours concert later this month. Add to that, she was mobbed by adoring Cowardly Lion-crazed fans after Wednesday's school performance of the Wizard of Oz. Pretty sweet recognition for her work and talent. And all well-deserved.

I know you'll read this. Good job Fi!

question: isn't it a wonderful feeling to admire your own child?

mompoet - her biggest fan

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Carol said...

It is a great feeling.

Yay for Fi!