Tuesday, June 20, 2006

perfect for solstice? (just making a list for Wednesday)

What is the perfect summer solstice food? What must one wear for summer solstice (include footwear, if any)? In what game or sport might one engage on summer solstice? What is the sountrack for summer solstice? And with whom should summer solstice be spent? Would you read something special for summer solstice? And what might you shout upon the arrival, then later for the departure of the sun on this longest day?

Wednesday will be wordless, but I will be thinking about these things...

question: I think I have asked all of my solstice questions for now

mompoet - crazy for contrasts


Carol said...

Summer solstice is over. Sorry I missed it but will answer the questions anyways.

Summer solstice food? Cherries

What must one wear? Running shoes.

Soundtrack? Born to be Wild

Would I read something special for the summer solstice spectacular? Lucy Autobiography

Shout on arrival? Hurrah!

Departure on the longest date? Why did it have to cloud covered and raining!! Why or why?

You're great, MP.

mompoet said...

Great list Carol! Thatnks for the compliment and for playing along. You didn't miss it, by the way - you celebrated solstice subconsciously. I shouted "Goodbye Sun! See you real sooooon!" as I drove west on the freeway into Vancouver to pick up our daughter from a rehearsal that ended at 10pm. The neighbours will celebrate one day late this evening (you could too!). So far we know we will be wearing skirts, listening to Billie Holiday and drinking wine.