Sunday, June 25, 2006

do remarkable things always come in threes?

The theme of this weekend seems to be "disrupted evening plans."

Friday night Fiona went off to do her show (she's in West Side Story now). Andy was out on his boss's boat for a few hours. Alex and I went to the church for the farewell celebration for Mary Duncan, our outgoing minister. As soon as we had finished supper, and just before the speeches began, my cell phone rang. It was Fiona, calling from the theatre with a fever and sore throat. She'd felt a bit low all day, but now felt awful. I said good-bye to Mary and our friends at the church, dropped Alex off at home and drove out to the theatre. Fiona said she was feeling better when I checked in with her backstage, but I stayed just in case. She made it to the end of the show.

Saturday night, Andy and I dropped Fiona off to the theatre. It's in Vancouver, about 40 minutes from our home, so we decided to stay in town. We drove down to English Bay to stroll and people-watch. We were sitting on the deck at the Boathouse restaurant, enjoying a drink and watching the sunset, when Andy's cell phone rang. It was Fiona. The theatre lighting system had broken down so the show was cancelled midway through, after a few unexpected (and dangerous) blackouts on stage. We paid our bill and came home.

So tonight, I will be meeting with my Vancouver Poetry House friends. We are preparing to host the Individual World Poetry Slam in Vancouver in February. Taylor Mali of PSI (Poetry Slam Incorporated) is in town to inspect venues, go over our plans with us, and generally make sure that we are on track with our preparations. We're meeting in a cafe on Commercial Drive. I will not be surprised by a flood, power failure, or stampede of soccer-crazed people rousting us out of our meeting. I know it will probably be okay, but just to be sure, I'm bringing everything I have in writing so I can hand it over and run for the hills, if this weekend's theme continues.

question: what is it about "best laid plans?"

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