Friday, June 30, 2006


pistachio, maple-walnut, fudgey-wudgey, pomegranate
wasabi, gorgonzola, strawberry jalapeno
rocky road, rainbow, rootbeer, rum ‘n’ raisin
did I miss your favourite?

tiger-tail, bubble gum, blueberry cheese cake
lemon sherbet, lime sherbet, orange sherbet, peach sherbet
butter brickle, dill pickle, chocolate cherry, pumpkin pie
dutch chocolate, chocolate chip, macaroon, cookie dough

butterscotch ripple
mango sorbetto
banana tofulati
almond biscotti
chocolate mousse royale
one scoop, two scoop, in a cone in a cup
waffle cone
awful cone
dripping on your pants

soy cream, rice cream, soft serve, hand-packed
happy cream for sad days
friendly cream for fat days
gobble cream for brain freeze
hair cream for food fights
cold cream for hot nights


reese’s, rolo, smarties, skor
one scoop, two scoop, three scoop four
eat it in the car outside of the store
lick the empty carton
go back inside for more

spumoni, tortoni, nutella, green tea
espresso flake, angel cake, amaretto milkshake
hedgehog, mint chip, chocolate on your upper lip
cream burps, wrist slurps, bite the tip and let it slip


tiny little tasting spoon
big sticky napkin
sticky cheeks, sticky paws, sticky ears, sticky feet
napkin on your head and spoon on your nose
scoop it from a bucket
scoop it from a tub
jump right in and splash around - smaka waka dub!

you can’t pick your destiny
you can pick your flavour
put down the celery and do yourself a favour

partway to heaven
back to the womb
as good as the chicka in the chicka chicka boom!


question: what's your flavourite?

mompoet - did I mention I have a cold?


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

:) It's almost supper time here, but I think I'm going to skip that and go to the bag of M&M's!

mompoet said...

Sounds good Andrew. Every once in a while you have to do that.