Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jack Layton Phoned Me

This on our answering machine after work yesterday,

Hello, I'm sorry I missed you. I'm calling to invite you to the NDP's National Convention! I'm Jack Layton and I want to invite you to come to Quebec City on October.....

Sounded pretty good. Guest speakers include Stephen Lewis and Shirley Douglas. Nice of Jack to call me. Too bad I was out.

question: was that nice and funny or kind of crummy?

mompoet - ain't nothing like the real thing, baby


Carol said...

Was it really him calling?

mompoet said...

It was an automated voice-message dropping service as near as I could tell. I really admire Jack Layton, and I'd love it if he really called, but I think I was contacted by a microchip.

Imran said...

Microchip or not, it is nice to be invited. Should be an honourable event.