Monday, June 12, 2006

a poem for a day in the life of sam

There are days like an angry story
Drawn on black paper
With black crayons
Thrown to the floor.

There are days like flying across the sea
Like quicksilver cleat-flight
Up the field in perfect motion
Crystallized focus.

There are in-between days
Of gotta-do’s/hafta-pays/deadlines/doldrums
Days of confusion and muddlification
When you’d rather select all, delete, start again.

All of these days are yours
You have made them
They have made you
And there are more yet to come…

Amber-winged dromedary hop-sack days
Pollywog demarrara goon-plank days
Tuscany armoire fill-in-the-blank days
Scratch-wallow gleam-tuck take-it-to-the-bank days

So lace up your nitro-boots, select PLAY and live your days
The best are yours to find, all along the way
All along the hilly-wobble, grand-bramble, toffee-gallop

Happy high-school graduation Sam...

mompoet - so proud

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