Thursday, June 08, 2006

more dreams

Wednesday morning
I have gone somewhere with a friend. As we leave to return to my car I notice that my car is now a brand new bright red lift-back something (can't be a Subaru - they don't make red ones like that). The back and the passenger door are hanging open where the car is parked. We go to look. Someone has broken in. They have left my money, gym shoes, cd player and most of my cds. They took my Peppers cds and my nordic walking poles. I am devastated.

Thursday morning
I've taken my son to a restaurant where he meets a tutor a couple of times a week. While they work, I sit and read a book. It's mid afternoon, between meal rushes. The place is empty. A waitress comes up to me and apologizes, "I'm sorry but the chef does not like you. You will have to leave this place."

Later Thursday morning
An imperious male voice: Get the damn phone! Grab the cell at the top of the bed! I answer but cannot speak. Just fish-mouth "_ _ _ _ _?"

question: what do dreams mean?

mompoet - believing that our dreams are our explorations of self

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