Tuesday, June 06, 2006

best things about june

  • countdown to no homework and no evening practices and lessons
  • cantaloupe
  • creeping up on solstice (my favourite)
  • peonies and irises
  • flip flops
  • PAC elections
  • year-end recitals
  • breakfast on the porch
  • strawberries
  • shorts
  • windows and screen doors
  • early dawn
  • nothing on tv
  • the library is still open on Sundays

question: what do you like about June?

mompoet - longest day not far away


Carol said...

The anticipation of Summer. (It is still spring, officially)
There is still a lot of summer time left.(or so it appears)

Darius said...

First half still isn't too hot...

mompoet said...

You're right Carol. I think the anticipation is every bit as nice as the reality. I'm always a bit sad though, to think that the first day of summer is the longest, and it's downhill after that.

Darius, you must live some place hot! I hope you enjoy the cool June mornings.