Wednesday, August 24, 2005

strange days

transition means leggy petunias more stem than flower, back-to-school haircuts, stacks of duo tangs empty and expectant, cold in the morning - hot at noon, last blast of corn and tomatoes and first new apples at the produce store, emailing a friend in the final days of a year off teaching to be with the baby, nobody in the high school parking lot but probably next week, a letter from the middle school, shopping for running shoes, PNE, ice back in at the arena, spider webs outside the back door, damp lawn at night, ripe blackberries on menacing vines, planning events for September...October...summer's end

question: how do you fall?

mompoet - falling, definitely


Carol said...

checkups and tuneups,
rushing to put away summer clothes and finding ones for winter, getting up early again after sleeping in all summer, homework

that is how I fall.

Trinity13 said...

Fall to me is carving pumpkins, dressing up in warm clothes...or costumes, and hot cider by a bonfire.

(Btw, here from Carol)

Pearl said...

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