Monday, August 22, 2005

the dark is creeping in

Now it's dark when I let the dog out first thing in the morning, and dark when I walk her in the evening. I love summer and will continue to love it for a few more weeks. But I feel sad to know from day one it is a continual process of decline, from the longest day downward.

Oh well, there is one consolation...the shortest day is on its way. I like that even better.

question: what's your favourite time of year?

mompoet - liking the uphill trek better than the downhill slide

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Carol said...

I like all of the seasons. I would miss any of them, yes even winter.
I enjoy the respite of summer's shade and the relaxation of holidays.
I like the colors of fall and the Indian summers.
I like the crispness of snow under my feet.
I like the promises of spring.