Friday, August 19, 2005

my husband is a tech wiz

He fixed the camera. First of all he was super nice about my splashing and smashing it, then he fixed it. That's me and Kirsi having a drink and laughing about smashed up stuff and how husbands take photographs. He wanted to stand right in front of us. As if!

Now I've got some tomatoes to chop and can. House is cooler. Husband and daughter are out buying school supplies. Son is shouting at the football game on tv. Neighbours are shouting too. With the windows open it sounds like stereo.

Life is good.
Kirsi, I am glad you are home after 3 weeks in Ontario. I had no one to drink with on the road.

question: what's your best side?

mompoet - going to smash some tomatoes and crush some cilantro

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Lone Ranger said...

Next time your digital camera gets wet, pull out the batteries immediately so it won't short out. I sent a guy out once to tape high waves on the North Shore of Oahu. Naturally, he got totally engulfed by one of the waves. He ripped the battery out of the $50,000 camera and dunked the cam in a nearby barrel of fresh water. That may seem stupid, but it rinsed away the salt water, which is extremely corrosive. The camera was saved.