Tuesday, November 01, 2011

halloween care package part 7

 Everyone dressed up at work. Linda wore your cow costume. The seniors loved it. Diane is a zombie artist. The first thing we did was carve pumpkins for the annual staff jack-o-lantern contest. Our pirate pair did not win, but we think they were pretty wonderful anyway.

That's Krizstina, who works with us, dressed as a flower garden. It was fun day at work. Funny thing though, I wore the sock monkey costume to Extra Foods on the way home from work. Only one person out of probably 100 people had any reaction at all. Everyone else just ignored the fact that I was dressed up, even the cashier. Maybe they thought I was just shopping in my pajamas and a really weird hat, with a sock monkey in my bag and a tail sewed on? I don't know!

question: what if you wore a disguise and nobody noticed?

mompoet - people are weird (and I'm not talking about us!)

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