Tuesday, November 22, 2011

happy birthday to us

Andy and I both have November birthdays. One of our favourite ways to celebrate is to go away for a weekend. This is our present to each other. On the weekend we went to the Sunshine Coast for a couple of days. The ferry leaves from Horseshoe Bay.

It had snowed a bit the night before, so it was really beautiful, with snow on the hills above the inlet. The ferry ride is about half an hour. On the way we saw a rare and wonderful sight: about 200 dolphins were leaping out of the water all around the boat. Everyone crowded to the windows to watch. It was simply spectacular. The dolphins jumped singly and in pairs and trios. It seemed to go on and on. What an amazing beginning to our weekend away!

We arrived at the cottage at about 5:30pm, so it was already dark. We brought flashlights, and made our way down 84 stairs to this lovely little place by the sea. Most of the houses in the area are up the hill, and you walk down to the water. This one is special. When you sit in the little living room or look out of the bedroom windows upstairs, all you see is water.

We had a very quiet weekend, mostly hanging out in the cottage. We enjoyed the hot tub, which is also right on the beach a few steps away from the cottage. Here's the view from the hot tub.
We cooked some simple meals in the cute little kitchen.
And we sat out on the deck to watch the sunset. It was cold, but wine and a blanket made everything just right!
 We did do a little adventuring. Here we are on the jetty at Roberts Creek.
That was Saturday. After Roberts Creek we went to the Lighthouse Pub in Sechelt. Andy bought a few "break-open" tickets and won $150 on the first door of the first ticket.

The cottage has no internet and no cable TV. I was able to tune in local news on the tiny TV set to get civic election results Sunday morning, and we watched a couple of movies that I borrowed from the library at home: Seven Year Itch and Gods and Monsters. Both very good.

We brought home granola from Wheatberries Bakery, to mail to Fiona in New Jersey. We also brought home a great feeling of relaxation and memories of a very sweet time together.

question: do you have a place you like to go to?

mompoet - happy birthday to us!

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