Saturday, November 26, 2011


Andrew and I went out grocery shopping this afternoon. On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen where we used my "welcome to the blizzard club" email coupon to get on free Blizzard with the purchase of another Blizzard. I treated my sweetie to a medium size caramel nut roll Blizzard, which he pronounced "delicious." I chose a mini size cappuccino skor Blizzard. I always choose cappuccino skor, because I know if I choose something else it will be good, but I will say, "darn, why didn't I get a cappuccino skor Blizzard?"

A mini Blizzard is just about the right amount of Blizzard. I qualified for a mini, small or medium, and Andy suggested I could have got a medium and eaten the equivalent of a mini, then given the surplus to him. According to Andy, a medium Blizzard is not quite enough Blizzard.

question: how much Blizzard is enough for you? and what flavour?

mompoet - free is a very good price

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