Saturday, November 26, 2011

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It's a blustery Saturday morning with no commitments, veering dangerously close to afternoon for someone still in her pajamas, sipping coffee and fooling around with a blog. Nevertheless, I am hunting for more birthday freebies, evaluating offers, and deciding what to sign up for, and what to ignore.

Signing up for:
  • - I'll get a $5 coupon on my birthday, to use for online shopping for CBC swag. I might use it, I might not. Good stuff on their website by the way, check it out if you are a CBC fan.
  •  RW and Co Clothing - 25% discount during your birthday week. If I'm going to Sephora at Coquitlam Centre to pick up my birthday bubble bath, I might as well look in the store and see if there's anything that I want.
  • Free Blenz Coffee Drink on my birthday. This is a maybe because I also expect to receive a Starbucks coupon in the mail for a free Starbucks coffee on my birthday. I think both of these have to be on your actual birthday. So maybe I'll do one in the morning and one in the afternoon?
  • Breakfast TV birthday greeting - I just submitted myself. I want everyone to know I'm 50, and I'm not going to wait for my family to send it in.

Not signing up for:
  • Body Shop $10 Coupon - you have to have a "Love your Body" loyalty card, which costs $10 to buy. 'nuff said.
  • A birthday greeting from the Queen - too short notice, I think!
  • A birthday greeting from the Prime Minister - too young (only sent to those turning 65, 70, 75), and even so, I think I'd pass on this one. Maybe by the time I'm 65 I'll feel differently. It depends on who the Prime Minister is.
  • American Eagle Fashions - too old! but if you're younger, you get 15% off in the store during the month of your birthday, which is a pretty good offer if you shop there.
  • Ricki's Fashion - too old! $10 gift eschewed due to age of shopper.
  • Various offers for haircuts and wash and blowdry for my birthday - don't want to change stylists, and I haven't blow-dried my hair in years. In fact, I have not brushed my hair in years. (oops too much information)
  • An official magic kit from Norden the Magician. I'm too old. sigh.
  • Free birthday cake at Thrifty Foods - only for your child's first birthday. Double too old. Maybe for a grandchild at some time, but I'm not in a hurry for any grandchildren to be produced.
  • Several restaurants in Victoria and Kamloops offering free meals on my birthday.
  • Milestones Restaurant, where I get a free meal if I bring 3 friends who pay for their meal (ahem)
  • Atlantis Waterslides in Vernon, BC - free adult admission, but not in November. I do love my November birthday, but all of the outdoor water parks are closed, at least at this latitude!
  • Free champagne and or shooters at various nightclubs, and a credit for $5 on the slot machines at a local casino. I guess we can file this under "too old" also.
  • Free admission and giant birthday message on the electronic screen at a karaoke place (file under "too embarrassing").
  • And this from the Yaletown Brewery - a vivid and inviting description indeed: Depending on the party itself, they like to get the celebration going with shots on the house. They will present the birthday boy/girl with a complimentary Yaletown Brewing Company t-shirt and sharpee pen for their guests to sign. Near the end of the service they will either bring out a complimentary stout brownie dessert with a candle or a specialty shot depending on the host's decision. We have a kabuki cannon which blows confetti when the birthday boy/girl blows out the candle. WOW! If this sounds like fun to you, go here.
  • Free golf (don't golf) 
  • Free indoor suntanning (don't even suntan outdoors)
  • Free ride home on your birthday - In Victoria, and I have a ride on my birthday, and I won't be drinking so much I'd really need one anyone, but what a lovely idea.

question: does the idea of getting your friends to sign your shirt and having a kabuki cannon blowing confetti when you blow out the candles appeal to you?

mompoet - there is a lot available on your birthday for free. Just look it up and choose the things that appeal to you

ps - it is now officially afternoon

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