Sunday, November 06, 2011

ps about Caesar salad

My friend Michele and I have a variation called "Squeezer Salad." It lacks the croutons, but who cares? because we eat it only when we are camping. First, put the dressing into one corner of a medium-sized plastic bag. Use a twist-tie to partition the corner and keep the dressing in its own little compartment until you are ready to mix. Put the torn up lettuce into the remaining larger section of the bag and seal the bag. Carry the bag to the beach. Bring some grated up cheese and ground pepper in another bag or small container in your pocket. When you get to the beach, find a nice place to sit. Release the dressing from its compartment, keeping the main part of the bag sealed. Shake the bag to combine the lettuce and dressing. Open it carefully and add the cheese and pepper. Close and shake again.

If you are smart, you will have remembered to bring forks. If not, you can eat it with your fingers. You are camping after all. Open the bag and dive in. Watch the sunset. We know you remembered to bring wine.

question: does it get any better than this?

mompoet - pragmatic omnivore

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