Saturday, November 26, 2011

lots of emails and coupons for free stuff - and not only for my birthday

I have been signing up online for mailing lists that offer free stuff for your birthday. So far I have received a couple of birthday offers and also a few welcome offers, which make me wonder, will I also get a birthday something in the next few days? If so, I'll have double the fun!

Here's my recent batch of goodies:
  • 10% off at the GAP (welcome offer)
  • 10% off at Old Navy (welcome offer)
  • Free mini, small or medium Dairy Queen Blizzard when I buy a medium Blizzard (welcome offer)
  • Free muffin at Mmmmuffins (welcome offer)
  • Free Baskin Robbins ice cream cone (birthday offer)
  • (not pictured) Free ice cream cone at Marble Slab Creamery (birthday offer)
  • (not pictured) Free 20 oz or smaller Julius or Smoothie at Orange Julius when you buy one of equal or greater value (welcome offer)
My favourites are the ones where you just get something free. Ten percent off, are you kidding me? And a bo-go (buy one get one) is somewhat chintzy too. Maybe the birthday offers from those places will be better, but somehow I don't think so.

I'm going to dive into the book and find out what else before it's too late (like Tony Roma's restaurant, where it takes up to 8 weeks to process your birthday registration, so we'll try that for my 51st birthday maybe).

To me, the real treat is finding out all about this stuff. I doubt that I will be able to consume all of these treats within the time frame of expiry dates. So far none of them requires me to claim my freebie on my birthday, except for Sephora, I think. So I can spread out my consuming of birthday treats. When you add the "welcome" offers it will be nearly impossible to cash all of them in. I'll keep you posted, and of course, post photos.

question: Is a bo-go really a gift? or a come-on?

mompoet - not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, but if the horse's mouth is open, I will look!

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