Tuesday, November 01, 2011

halloween care package part 9

This is the last installment, some Halloween night pics from the neighbourhood. I hope you had a great first New Jersey Halloween, Fi.

 I really needed a tripod to take a photo of the moon and the street at dusk. It was a very cool night!
 Karen was feeling groovy!
 More fun with shaking the camera!
 Tristan was Harry Potter. Bowen was Mario. Chris was "Lord Baldemort." Rhonda loves them all.
 I was very excited to find out that Kirsi was a BANANA! Luckily for Kirsi, sock monkeys eat only yarn and fluff.
 Coulson loved Frankie singing thriller.
 Nolan dressed as Dedmau5. I thought this was him so I asked if I could take a photo, then a voice said, "do you think I'm Nolan?" Oh well. I didn't see Nolan after all, but he wore a costume like this, only it had a red head. I should have known Nolan wouldn't wear an American Eagle hoodie.
Kirsi made these cool jar-o-lanterns with orange tissue paper and glue.

Of course, Dad lit fireworks at the end of the evening. Sol had the fog machine and other contraptions going in his part of our carport. I baked brownies and served coffee to the parents. I think we got about 150 trick or treaters, which is not quite as many as usual, but lots anyway.

question: how was your Halloween?

mompoet - Okay November, bring it on!

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