Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amber and Santo's Wedding

We attended the wedding of Amber and Santo on Saturday. Amber is the daughter of our good friends, Kathy and John. Kathy, John and Amber are not Italian, but Santo is, so it was a big Italian wedding. We began at the church at 1pm. The ceremony was beautiful. After that, we went home and rested for a while, then changed from church clothes to party clothes (well, at least I did) and headed out to the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver for the banquet.

We sat with our friends Michele and Brent. Kathy, Michele and I have known each other since grade 4. We've all known Amber since she was born. We've known Santo for a few years and we think he's pretty nice too. He gets the "friends of Amber's Mom stamp of approval."

We've been to a few Italian weddings, so we were prepared. We did not eat for a few days leading up the the wedding. True to form, there was a splendid multi-course sit-down meal and ample wine. I employed my "half a plate or less" technique and did not eat all of the yummy food that was served, so I made it. So did Andy and Alex. After the meal, the cappucino bar and gelato bar opened immediately, in case anyone was hungry. Then at 11:30, there was a late night buffet, with pizza and pastry. Alex was the only one able to eat at that time. In between all of the eating there were speeches, dancing, toasts, visiting and of course a radiant bride and her delighted groom. Kathy and John, and Santo's parents Sandra and Carmen did a wonderful job, providing for 300 guests in wonderful style.

I hope you like the pictures!

question: how many people attended your wedding?

mompoet - I'll dig up some wedding photos and scan them before Andy and I have our 25th. We had 50 guests at our wedding.

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I have never been to an Italian wedding. I would definitely enjoy the food!
Our wedding was cozy small. We were married in a beautiful church with lots of stained glass. Our reception was at a fancy hotel in downtown Vancouver and we only had close friends and family - about 80 It was perfect!