Monday, June 22, 2009

ball game

Andy, Alex and I saw the season opener for the Vancouver Canadians, our Vancouver baseball team. We got a super deal through my union: barbeque supper at the park, the game and fireworks after. It was my first time going to a baseball game, so too bad the Canadians lost 1:10, but we had fun anyway.

I was intrigued by the oldness of some of it. The stadium is well-loved and well kept. I got a kick out of the scoreboard, with someone standing behind it, taking the numbers out and sliding new ones into the slots. When the fireworks began, we saw someone take a couple of the numbers out, and watch the show through the opening in the scoreboard.

The people-watching was as much fun as the game. There's a lot of tradition about how people dress and act and things they chant and yell and sing. The ball club adds to the fun with contests and hijinks on the field between innings. And then, during the fireworks, a streaker jumped on the field at third base and slid into home plate. There was a bit of something for everyone!

question: have you been to the ball game?

mompoet - I will go again.

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

My first date with my husband was at a Vancouver Canadians baseball game in June 1986!