Friday, June 19, 2009

water shoes

In a couple of months, Andy and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary with a week in Mexico. We are pretty excited to say the least, having not gone on a grown-up, just-us vacation since oh, about 25 years ago. We'll relax at an all inclusive resort near Playa del Carmen, go look at some ruins, snorkel, drink margaritas and generally relax and enjoy a new place and some welcome time together. If there's not a hurricane, we hope to have our anniversary dinner (on the 12th) on the beach.

For now, the prospect seems surreal and better than Christmas. I am gently stoking my anticipation by buying a new bathing suit, water shoes, a beach bag. We look at pictures of our hotel and the city and the region on the internet. We talk to friends for tourist advice: pesos or American dollars? does he really need long pants for dinner in the fancy restaurant? I am taking lunch hour Spanish conversation lessons, so I can ask for the banyo and say hello, my name is Susanna in Spanish. The preparation is part of the fun.

Soon we will be there. I hope it will be every bit as much fun as we envision it.

question: what do you do when you are looking forward to a treat?

mompoet - sky blue water shoes


Lynn Valley Girl said...

Each morning we left 2 US dollars in each room for housekeeping. My friend takes small toys and fancy creams and soaps to leave for housekeeping.
Canadian money can be easily exchanged at your hotel. No need to buy Pesos beforehand.
Sunscreen, swim suits (I took 3), shorts and some dresses and your good to go!
It sounds very romantic to have your anniversary dinner on the beach!

Carol said...

What do I do?
Anticipate it whenever my thoughts roam.
Have loads of fun and take pictures.

Collin said...
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